The Concept:

Walk with the Warriors of the Western World on a self guided trip from the days of Rome, through the Dark Ages, the Vikings, the Crusader Knights in Chain Mail and into the Golden Age of the fully armored Renaissance "Knight in Shining Armor". Watch empires rise and fall. See how arms and armor adapt to changing times.

Hundreds of rare and authentic examples of arms and armor are on display in an easily viewed open wall format rather than in rows of closed cases. Each exhibit area walks you through a time period showing you actual arms and armor used at that time. Reproductions of famous paintings illustrate how the arms and armors were actually used. An interpretive display panel is in each exhibit with short concise illustrated descriptions for those wishing to know more about any of the particular pieces of arms and armor or the art.

The Arms and Armor:

Castlerock's Arms and Armor Collection has been carefully chosen to be an educational collection. The purpose is to illustrate to the viewer how arms and armor change and evolve over the centuries. Most great museums have displays of fine and rare Arms and Armor. Castlerock strives to show you the arms and armor of the noble knight and the common soldier in their true historical context.

Highlights Include:
A Roman Helmet and Sword
A Viking Chieftains Sword
Chain Mail armor as used by the Crusaders and Feudal Knights
A sword carried in the First Crusade
Landsknecht Pikemen
A circa 1520 full suit of fluted Maximillian armor
An important embossed, gilded Italian Parade Helmet of 1560
One of King Henry VIII's gun shields
The gold inlaid boar spear of August the Strong
And many more!

The Art:

As civilization developed the great rulers became patrons of the arts. Paintings, frescoes, tapestries and illustrated medieval manuscripts were commissioned to commemorate important battles and leaders. Throughout our exhibits we include reproductions of period art showing how the arms and armor was actually used. Our displays of early art include the Bayeux Tapestry, ancient frescoes and medieval illustrated manuscripts. The Renaissance era ushers in paintings by such artists as Rembrandt, Titian, Lucas Cranach, Hans Holbein and Albrecht Durer. Historically correct paintings by contemporary artists fill in the areas where period art does not exist.