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Upcoming Major Events:

Fire in the Shire
Saturday, June 3rd from 10am - 5pm
A day full of colorful exhibits, demonstrations, food, and family fun. Highlights include medieval reenactors, swordsmanship demonstrations, and more! Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for students and half price for those in period dress.

10:00am Kazimir the Hungry - Fire Breathing & Sword Swallowing
10:20am Museum Opens
10:30am Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association - Longsword Demo
11:10am Armor through the Ages
11:50pm Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association - Rapier, Dagger, & Smallsword
12:30pm Kazimir the Hungry - Fire Breathing & Sword Swallowing
1:00pm Clann Tartan- Pike Demo
1:40pm Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association - Longsword Demo
2:20pm Clann Tartan- Non-firing Matchlock Musket Demo
3:00pm Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association - Rapier, Dagger, & Smallsword
3:40pm Kazimir the Hungry - Fire Breathing & Sword Swallowing
4:15pm Holy Grail Drawing & Presentation
5:00pm Museum Closes

Medieval Music by Bardmageddon at 1pm and 3pm in the museum theater.

Ongoing: Clann Tartan & A Life Medieval in the museum courtyard

Concessions: By the Alma Hotel.

Other Happenings in the Shire: The Midwest Renaissance Actors Guild and Lasa Anahata Tribal Belly Dancers will be performing on Main Street. The Big River Theater will be playing The Princess Bride at 6:30pm.

Search for the Holy Grail in the Shops of the Shire for a chance to win the treasured artifact and a $100 Alma Dollars! Participating businesses include Fire & Ice, Red Ram Saloon, Alma Leather, The Boutique, People Stories, Water Lily Gifts, Wings Over Alma, Bill's Talk of the Town, Stump Town Gallery, Riverside Bait and Liquor, W Whiffs, and Garden Gate.

Lectures & Programs:
Most lectures and programs are held in the museum's theater area. Seating is limited. Contact the museum at 608-685-4231 or info@castlerockmuseum.com for reservations. Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for students, unless otherwise noted. Museum members receive a 50% discount on most events.

Arming Up for Battle
Saturday, May 20th at 2pm
Join museum volunteers Jamie LaBreck and Patrick Kelly for a special presentation on “Arming Up for Battle” in the Middle Ages. The program will start with a brief discussion of the evolution of armor, followed by a demonstration of how a man-at-arms of the 1400’s would get into his harness. Afterwards, there will be a fighting demonstration in the museum courtyard, weather permitting.

Romans vs Barbarians
Saturday, August 19th at 2pm
Join museum volunteers, Frank LaBreck and Patrick Kelly as they discuss the how the Romans and Barbarians fought over the centuries. Visitors will have a chance to see the weapons and armor used by both sides.

From Forest to Furniture
Saturday, October 14th from 10am-4pm
Join Join Tom Latane, Paul Nyborg, Derek Olson, David Susag, and Alex Yerks as they demonstrate woodworking techniques used since the days when woodworkers walked into the woods for their material and began the work on the forest floor. Spectators will be able to visit with the woodworkers as the chips fly.

This year’s projects include: a clamp front chest made from white oak with an arc style lid, examples of dovetail work, and several Scandinavian inspired projects. These include bowls turned on a spring pole lathe and kuska carved wooden cups made with an axe and tenth century style tools.

Meet the Vikings
Saturday, October 21st from 10am-4pm
Join us for an afternoon celebration of all things “Viking.” Reenactors will be on hand to answer questions about Viking history, culture, technology, clothing, and weapons. Visitors can also see several actual Viking era artifacts on exhibit including a spangenhelm, chieftain’s sword, and Danish axe.

Dungeons & Dragons at Castlerock
Saturday, November 4th at 2pm
Join Luke Kramer for a discussion of fantasy character archetypes in pop culture. The lecture will cover common character archetypes such as the fighter, cleric, rogue, and wizard in fantasy movies, television shows, videogames, and board games. It will also touch on the historical basis for these archetypes and the weapons and armor that they are often depicted as using.

Afterwards, visitors will have the opportunity to try their hand at playing Dungeons & Dragons, a popular role playing game. Museum volunteers will lead visitors through a short adventure with low level progenerated characters. This is a great opportunity for first time players to learn how to play the game. Signup sheets will be available for those that want to play.